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Projects till now:

Nokia Siemens Networks, Munich

Development of Order mass maintenance via Web in mySAP CRM Support for mySAP CRM

Siemens COM, Munich

Development of an internet based interface for uploading master data into mySAP CRM, support for mySAP CRM

Siemens AG, Munich

Project for consolidation of the whole Siemens group worldwide with SAP SEM BCS. Development of interfaces to adapted systems. Upload of data into SEM BCS.

Joh. Vaillant GmbH & Co, Remscheid

Development of a dialog program for optimized production planning with capacity consideration.

Siemens Business Systems, Munich

Development of an electronic cash-in service in SAP R/3. Features:
- the central system accepts customer payments for all attached divisions;
- Automatic and/or manual identification of all incoming payments
- Assiging payments to the open invoices of the appropriate branches
- Forwarding settlement information into the ERP-systems of the subdivisions

Siemens AG PN, Munich

Conception and development of interfaces to external application from SAP R/3 MM and SD. Conception and development of R/3 extensions and online/batch evaluations. Conecption and realizaiton of an interface between TC-Manager and SAP R/3 SD for the creation of orders and invoices for Siemens Training Center. Adjustments for SAP Release 4.0B upgrade. Developoment of forms in SAP SD with SAP-Script.

Siemens AG PN, Munich

Analysis of economic requests within CO/CO-PA; Conceptional developments and implementation of enhancements and evaluations in CO. SAP Standard.

SNI HLD/OCE Printing Systems, Poing

Conception and Development of interfaces to external applications from R/3 Material Management and Warehouse-Management with CPIC/UPIC, C-Programs and ABAP/4. Controlling of a fully automatic warehause directly from SAP R/3. Development of control and administrative tools for data-communition between SAP R/3 and other applications. Development of further user-exits for WM and MM. Modifications in R/3-WM/MM for adaptation to the existing organisation. Programming of Batch-Input for taking on external data and permanent interfaces to dispo-application, production and material stock. Conception and realization of a security tool for data-communication between SAP R/3 and other applications to ensure that no data is lost. Realization of an extension of R/3-Material-Stock-Data with an administrative tool with a connection to foreign applications. Development of a tool for administration of an UTM-Application directly form SAP R/3. Conception and realization of an online-interface to a pps-application. Implementaion of control of warehouse-management in R/3-PP. System upgrades up to 4.7 / 6.20

SNI HLD, Poing

Developoment of Dialog-Transcations for project systems in production (R/3 - Release 2.0)

Walterbau AG, Augsburg

Conslulting for R/3 Basis, ORACLE Database and Correction/Transport Management


Consulting for R/3-Basis, ORACLE and Correction-/Transportmanagement, Calculation of hardware configuration requirements for all plants in Germany.

Siemens AG, Munich

R/3-Installations on RM600/400-Machines for diverse customers

Chemical Factory Lowi

Changing SILINE200-Release with implementation of modifications in the new release in sales and financial accounting

Paul Kieser GmbH, Neusaess

Development of a solution for customer specific manufactoring in Production-Planning and Sales within SILINE200

Knaus RV-Factory, Jandeslbrunn

Conception and Development of an improveed SILINE200-Disposition for customer specific production.

Siemens AG, Munich
Preparation and tutoring activities for SILINE200 Basic-System

Siemens AG, Munich
Conception and Development of UTM-Applications in Personal Management

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