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Schedules 2020

Event When Location Infos
Senbukai Training 15.8.2020, 14:00 85221 Dachau
Am Kraeutergarten 17
pandemic dependent
please see short-term info
Asai Cup / Instructor Course 15.-16.8.2020 Taipei
Asai und Bruno Shihan Memorial Camp 20.-24.5.2020 Lucerne, Switzerland
Dojo Gueterstrasse 6
Senbukai Training 21.3.2020, 14:00 85386 Eching
Danziger Straße 4

Schedules 2019

Event When Location Infos
Senbukai Training 30. Nov. 2019 13:00 VfL Sportzentrum
Salzbrunner Str. 38, 90473 Nuremberg
Senbukai Training 15.8.2019, 13:00 Dachau
Kampfkunstschule Ninpo Dachau e.V.
Am Kraeutergarten 15-17

Seminar with Shihan Hsin-Koei Chen 21.-23.June 2019 Astrid Lindgren School
Salzbrunner Str 39, 90473 Nuremberg
Senbukai Training 2.March.2019, 14:00 85386 Eching
Danziger Straße 4

Chen Hontsung Shihan passed away

On October 24, 2020 the Chief Instructor of I.J.K.A, Chen Hontsung passed away in his 93th year of life. He was Nidaime ("second generation") Shuseki Shihan and successor of his brother-in-law Asai Tetsuhiko in leading the International Japan Bujutsu Karate Organization (I.J.K.A.).

Chen Hontsung was born in 1927 as japanese citizen on the island of Taiwan, which at that time belonged to the japanese empire. Since childhood he learned numrous japanese and chinese martial arts and was beside his qualification in Shotokan Karate (9th DAN) and White Crane Kung Fu (Grand Master) also carrier of Judo and Kendo-Dan and in traditional arts of weapons. In Europe and America Chen Shihan is widely unknown, in Taiwan, Japan and the People's Republic of China however he was recognized als outstanding master and teacher of martial arts.

An intensive relationship in martial arts connected him with the husband of his sister, Asai Tetsuhiko (10th DAN), a distiguished karate teacher, later instructor in JKA and successor organizations JKS and I.J.K.A. Asai Sensei developped in this collaboration mit Chen Shihan the basics of his spectacular and unique version of karate, where a lot of White Crane Kung Fu elements were integrated. Asai Sensei spread this marvelous karate in the world, whereat most students did not know these roots and inspiration by Chen Shihan.

Ties of friendship also connected Chen Shihan with Bruno Koller Sensei (1949-2018), the European main student of Asai Tetsuhiko. Chen Shihan took over the continuation of Asai Karate after the passing of Asai Tetsuhiko in 2006 with his son Chen Hsin-Kuei ("Keibou Sensei") and Bruno Koller.

As members of SENBUKAI GERMANY we owe him very much and we're in thougts with his family and his students in Taiwan and other countries in Asia.

The karate life of this outstanding grand master was published in an article of I.J.K.A. Japan
here .

Chen Shihan in Nuremberg

SENBUKAI Germany invited the technical director of I.J.K.A, Shihan Hsin-Koei Chen again for a karate seminar. The seminar took place on 22nd and 23rd of June 2019 in Nuremberg and was again an opportunity to learn from this outstanding martial arts master.

Karateka from Switzerland and Germany arrived to spend a common training weekend. Chen Sensei teachd principially simple technics, where he specially attached great importance to an effective execution of defense technics. First single technics where practiced, subsequently they were trained within combinations with fast movements forward and backward.

Further on these combinations where practiced with partner, where Chen Shihan impressed with unbelievable timing when demonstrating the combinations. He also showed how small variations in the technics changed their impact.

The class ended with Shotokan and Asai-Ryu Kata (Junro).

The training on sunday was similar, however nobody was boring, because Chen Shihan again and again showed details, which where unknown to most of the participants. So a fascinating karate weekend ended on sunday, where old friends met again for common practising and everybody could profit of the inexhaustible knowledge of an excellent karate master.

Many thanks go our teacher Shihan Chen Hsin-Koei for a highly informative weekend and we hope to meet you soon again.

3. DAN I.J.K.A for Carolin Kraft

On Aug, 26th 2018 on the occasion of the international tournament and seminar DAN tests were executed in Shanghai. Carolin Kraft passed the test for Sandan with an excellent result. Congratulations for passing the test.

Shanghai 2018 - international tournament and seminar

The international karate tournament of I.J.K.A, which takes place every second year is now already tradition and occurred this year to be in Shanghai, China. So, a lot of karateka from Asia and Europe met here for participating in the tournament and the seminar, which was held the following day. ... see the complete report

Asai Sensei / Bruno Sensei Memorial Camp 2018

The annual karate camp, launched by Bruno Koller Shihan already many years ago took place this year at it's origin place in Lucerne from may 9th to 13th 2018. Clouded by the passing of our teacher we had to rename it into "Asai Sensei / Bruno Sensei Memorial Camp".

As in the previous years, Chen Shihan, 8th DAN from Honbu Dojo in Taipei was invited to hold the seminar.
So the camp started with getting out of grips and lever techniques, which Chen Shihan induced from simple basic techniques like Age Uke, Uchi Uke or Gedan Barai from Heian Shodan Kata (one of the very first Kata a shotokan karateka has to learn) what illustrated the complex background of supposed simple karate techniques.
In kumite, there was special attention to distance in doing the same block/counter-technique combinations from different positions to the attacker.

Also kata training was included in practicing the shotokan kata jion and ji'in and Asai kata Junro Shodan, Junro Nidan and the kata Joko Issei, which was new to a lot of participants.

On Saturday evening a ceremony for the passing of Bruno Koller Shihan took place in the dojo of Budoschule Lucerne, that was also visited by a lot of old students of Bruno Shihan. After the song "Karate my life journey", written by master asai faded out, the eventful and fascinating (karate) life of Bruno Koller was shown with fotos and movies, afterwards Memhmet Uluc from Geneva and Chen Shihan spoke some words and Chen Shihan announced the issue of 9th DAN certificate for Bruno Shihan by IJKA Headquarters in Japan.

On Sunday morning, the camp finished with a last training and alle the participants went on their trip home, loaded with a lot of new informations from the really unlimited pool of Chen Shinan's karate knowledge, which has to be worked out in the future. So another unforgettable karate camp finished, unfortunately this time also with a very sad part and we thank Chen Shihan that we again could learn from his huge knowledge. Also many thanks to Selina Koller and her team for arranging everything for us and the camp in spite of the sad circimstances.

very sad news ...

... reached us today: our teacher and friend, Bruno Koller Sensei passed away today. Bruno Sensei was a true fighter who always lived for his martial art. With his immense knowledge and skill and his passion for karate he showed us the path to go, which we also will follow in future.

Thank you, Bruno Sensei for all the beautiful and informative hours we could share with you. R.I.P.

The karate life of Bruno Shihan

Chen Shihan in Ingolstadt

On invitation by SENBUKAI GERMANY, the Technical Director of IJKA Shihan Chen Hsin-Kuei 8-DAN visited Germany. After the International Asai Cup in Taichung, Taiwan last year it was an excellent opportunity to train again with this extraordinary teacher.

Friday evening Chen Shihan taught a selected group of karatekas the dynamic blocks and strikes of White Crane Kung Fu, which were introduced to Shotokan Karate by the founder of IJKA, Soshi Tetsuhiko Asai 10-DAN. The combination of long range techniques of Shotokan Karate and the dynamic circular techniques of White Crane Kung Fu are the trademark of Asai Karate.

Saturday morning advanced karatekas - all of them Brown- or Black-Belts form all over Bavaria, Switzerland and Bulgaria - gathered to train under Chen Shihans guidance. The proper execution of basic tsukis and keris in every direction was the main focus. After about 30 minutes the participants were bathed in sweat. The training was finished in good spirit with practice of the Kata Junro Shodan.

In the afternoon training session, Chen Shihan focused on tai sabaki and showed different techniques to avoid the main attack by sliding or rotation of the body to throw the attacker and finish him with a final tsuki.

Sunday training centered on the training of basic katas Heian 1-5 and Tekki Shodan with applications. Despite training these basic katas, no one was bored because Chen Shihan explained and showed many small details most of the practioners did not notice before in their training.

The excellent teaching by Chen Shihan and the meeting of old friends made this seminar a full success. Bruno Koller Shihan 8-DAN from Switzerland, Chief Instructor for IJKA Europe, despite his illness also visited the seminar to meet with Chen Shihan.

We thank Chen Shihan for coming to Germany, teaching this wonderfull karate and are looking forward to meet with our teacher again.

Otto Riedinger

See also fotos in the gallery

New graduations in Senbukai

On Sunday, October 16th DAN tests took place in occasion of the international tournament and seminar in Taichung/Taiwan. The following people met this challenge successfully:

Otto Riedinger for 5. DAN
Gerhard Schoenfelder for 5. DAN
Christian John for 3. DAN


Furthermore we are pleased about the successful exam of our teacher Shihan Hsin-Koei Chen for 8.DAN .
Congratulations on this outstanding achievement.

Taiwan 2016: International Tournament, seminar and DAN Tests

This year's main event of the I.J.K.A. brought us to our friends and teachers in Taiwan - and for this time primarily to the tropical city of Taichung. On the occasion of Master Asai's 10th passing anniversary, an international Karate tournament as well as a technical seminar and DAN examinations were held.

Senbukai's journey began after a long flight with a warm-hearted welcome and stay in Taipeh, including a special training at the Honbu Dojo in preparation for the announced DAN tests. The following evening we were invited to join Mrs. Asai, Chen Hontsung Shihan, Chen Hsin-Koei Shihan, Bruno Sensei and other masters and students at the official welcome party to celebrate the upcoming events.

It was a great honor for us to take part in the ASAI CUP 2016, representing Germany in both disciplines - Kata and Kumite. All participating countries came up with good Budo spirit, and carried the necessary amount of happiness, that a competition day like this should bring. Our technical director, Gerhard Schoenfelder, could achieve a good 3rd place in the category Kata 50+ with the advanced form "Gojushiho-Sho".

The next day began with the I.J.K.A. technical seminar under supervision of Grandmaster Shihan Hontsung Chen and his son Shihan Hsin-Koei Chen. Here, we learned about the essential aspects of Asai-Karate and applied its principles in practical exercises. Our teachers put great value on body rotations, utilization of the chain of body joints and a smart use of the opponent's power.

Subsequently, the DAN exams have been conducted. The results and performance of the examinees spoke for themselves: Seven out of eight participants have passed the test successfully. Especially the master degrees presented impressive Karate-techniques. The I.J.K.A. DAN-test, which is generally said to be strict, does not only consider the technical aspects of Karate, but also takes the examinee's character development into account.

After our great physical exertion of the past days, we could visit the night market of Taipeh and Tamsui as well as the Taiwanese National Palace Museum with its millennia-old jade sculptures, in a relaxed atmosphere. Our journey has concluded with an extraordinary visit at tea master Zhu and a trip to the northern mountains of Taiwan.

Again, we could grasp the Original Taste of Taiwan. We are grateful for that unbelievable hospitality and warm-heartedness, we've received. With its unique mixture of Chinese and Japanese culture, Taiwan is a true Jewel among the far-eastern countries. In this culture, the development of one's character is highly emphasized, and - like in Budo - the aim is to educate its society in responsible thinking and acting.

Christian John, 28.10.2016

Photos in the

Master Asai Memorial Camp 2016 in Lucerne

Already for many years, the Asai (Memorial) Camp has been held on Ascension Day in Lucerne, Switzerland an so it took place this year again. Going there meant to experience perfect karate shown by Chen Sensei from Taiwan and Koller Sensei from Switzerland and to improve one's own karate by intensive training. In two classes every day - morning and afternoon - basic karate as well as many Shotokan and Asai-Ryu Katas were trained where we could again get a glance of Chen Sensei's widespread knowledge of karate and it's background. Chen Sensei discovered smallest mistakes in our katas and techniques, so we again got a lot of to doe's for our daily training.

Many thanks also to the organizers of the camp, especially Selina Koller, who made this camp an unforgettable event.

Seminar with Chen Sensei in Nuremberg

At 25./26. April 2015 SENBUKAI Germany and Kenshokan Nuremberg invited Chen Sensei, 7th DAN from Taiwan for the second time to hold a seminar in Nuremberg. The distinctive combinatin of classical shotokan Karate with elemtns from White Crane Kunf Fu again attracted participants from all over Bavaria and Switzerland. The course took place in a convenient and familiar atmosphere and everybody could assure himself of the great ability and knowledge of Chen Sensei. Many a participant could feel his power and energy.

Besides the use of the hip also the use of the shoulder is significant in White Crane Kung Fu. Therefore he showed exercises for this. For deepening of this principle we made several exercises with partner taken from White Crane Kung Fu which were rather challenging because beside the use of the shoulder also a correct change of stance and power tansmission to the opponent had to be taken account of.

Furthermore Chen Sensei showed us exercises to improve the posture of the body, balance and coordination. In this kind of karate, the point are relaxed and natural movements.

With his sharpened view of anatomy Chen Sensei explicated the natural position of the arms, correct stance and technical details. If a technique was not executed correctly by a participant he immediately found the mistake and explained and corrected it doing partner exercises. All Heian Katas, Junro Shodan, Tekki Shodan, Tekki Nidan and Chinte were practised and for every Kata he had technical explanations and historical details as well as the meaning of kanjis which were helpful for understanding.

Chen Sensei has an infinite knowledge about Shotokan Karate and White Crane Kung Fu, so it is rather difficult to repeat everything that was teached in that seminar. His straightforward way of social contact and his modesty make him a distinctive karate teacher and give every seminar a special air.

On monday there was a special training for SENBUKAI where we got further "finishing" of our techniques. In particular we trained the kata Gojushiho Sho and Dai. Chen Sensei corrected even smallest mistakes so we have enough "working material" for the next months.

Finally whe have to thank Chen Sensei for a unforgettable and very instructive weekend. Thanks also to Kenshokan Nuremberg for organization of this unique seminar.

See fotos in

Journey to Taiwan 2014

The I.J.K.A. invited this year for the second time to the friendschip tournament and instructor course with Shihan Chen Hong-Tsung and Sensei Hsin-Kuei Chen from 26/09 to 27/09 in Taipei/Taiwan. Otto Sensei, Gerhard and Michael used the opportunity to take part at the tournament and meet all their friends in Taiwan again.

So the little group travelled from Munich to Taipei via Dubai. ... see the whole report

New president elected

During the general meeting of SENBUKAI Germany on November 23rd, 2013 a new president was elected. The former president, Chrstian John was not available for candidacy any more. New president is now Michael Beck, who willingly accepted the election looking forward to his new working. We wish him all the best for this job.

Many thanks to Christian John for his activities in the last 4 years.

A very special week

(with Chen Sensei in Nuremberg, Munich and Lucerne)

In the first week of may 2013, Hsin-Kuei Chen (Chen Sensei) followed the inviation of SENBUKAI GERMANY and spend his first stay in Germany with trainings in Nuremberg and Munich.

He arrived on may 3rd with the technical director of the honbu dojo, Frank M. Lin and "Mr. Hunter" - well known to our Taiwan travellers - in Frankfort. After the journey to Nuremberg and a little sightseeing we had a welcome party at a very famouns japanese retaurant in Nuremberg.

On may 4th and 5th a very special karate course took place in Nuremberg, where the participants were familiarized with Asai Sensei's Karate, a symbiosis of Shotokan Karate and White Crane Kung Fu by Chen Sensei. It was teached and deepend with a lot of basic techniques and partner training. The White Crane techniques, with which Asai Sensei enriched his Karate were completely new stuff for a lot of people. Also the katas Junro Shodan and Joko Issei were teached which gained more insight to Asai Sensei's Karate. Also the chief instructor of I.J.K.A Europe, Sensei Bruno Koller was there to support Chen Sensei as Co-Instructor.

On monday we travelled to Munich, where another training took place in Pestalozzi School after a small walkabount in the city. Chen Sensei showed his excellend ability as a teacher by configuring his training exactly to the level of the participants and the lack of space (due to a lot of participants). Relaxed techniques, especially in the shoulder was his primary target in this training

There was no training on tuesday so we could show our guests the city of Munich. Due to the weather, we began "inside" - in the "Deutsches Museum" and when later this day we had blue sky, we could enjoy more places of interest in the city and had a very pleasant stay in the famous Hofbraeu House. On Wednesday, we visited the olympic area and after lunch we travelled to Switzerland for the annual Asai Memorial Camp.

The Camp in Switzerland took place in the Honbu Dojo of the I.J.K.A Europe. The main content of the trainings here were, like in Nuremberg und Munich especially relaxed techniques. Due to more trainings, more Junro and Joko katas could be trained and also White Crane techniques were on the schedule. A very special feature was the Kumite Training by Bruno Koller Sensei where it was very important to "feel the opponent".

On Sunday we had to say goodbye to our friends from Taiwan. The whole week was very informative for us and we also had a lot of fun. Thanks to Chen Sensei, Mr. Lin and Mr. Hunter for visiting us in Europe, and we hope to see them soon again.

For more pictures see the gallery

Kumite Training with Bruno Koller Sensei

Like every year at year-end we had our chief instructor for Europe Sensei Bruno Koller, 8th DAN from Switzerland for a course in Neufahrn on 1st of December. The focus this year was kumite training and Bruno Sensei lead the participants in an incomparable way from simple practices with partner to jiyu kumite. We saw intensive fights and Bruno Senseis main request was to "feel" the component and relaxed techniques. This will bei the main items to be trained in future.

Many thanks to Bruno Sensei for those informative hours of training and we're looking forward to his next visit to Germany.

Visit to Honbu Dojo in Taiwan

At the end of october, we, that's Christian John and Gerhard Schoenfelder went to Taiwan for a one week practising karate in the I.J.K.A Honbu Dojo. We already started training on the arrival day and did so the whole week: up to 6 hours a day we have been in the gym and we especially were trained by Chen Sensei. He found even the smallest mistakes in our karate and gave us a lot of hints for improvement - enough stuff, that has to be done in the next months and years. Our Asai Katas were updated, basics were trained as well as kumite, so we were pretty busy that week. In addition all our activities were watched by Shihan Chen Hung-Tsung, who also gave us a lot of advices for our karate training. Shihan Chen (9. DAN Karate and over 70 year of experience in martial arts) impressed us with his enormous knowledge in martial arts.

Besides karate we had a lot to do and to see in Taipei and Taiwan because all our taiwanese friends took care about us a lot an we were able to experience their unbelievable hospitality again. Excursions were organized and we were always invited for lunch or dinner so we also had some culinary experiences.

We never learned as much as in this week, had a lot of fun, new friendship were bulit and we want to say thank you again to Chen Shihan, Chen sensei, Mr. Lin and all our taiwanese friends for a really unforgettable week. Xiexie!

2. DAN for Michael Beck

In occasion of the Asai Memorial Camp in Lucerne, Switzerland, a DAN examination took place on friday, Mai 18th 2012. Michael Beck met this challenge after intensive training in the last months and passed the test for NIDAN under the eyes of Koller Sensei, Chen Sensei and Riedinger Sensei.


Asai Memorial Camp 2012 in Lucerne

From May 17th to may 20th numerous karatekas from Switzerland, Italy and Germany met at the annual Asai Memorial Karate Camp. Optimally organized by Budoschule Luzern a special thank goes to Selina Koller who worked very hard for this event.

The instructors Chen Sensei and Koller Sensei managed to make us work physicaly and mentally. Chen Sensei inspired us with well-thought excercises and basic combinations, where in particular relaxed shoulders and big movements were the focus. In addition, Junro and Joko katas were practised as well as exercises with partner. Everything - of course - with detailled explications and hints from Chen Sensei and again we could see his immense knowledge of karate.

The meaning of karate spirit was impressivly shown by Bruno Koller Sensei in his Kumite training.

On saturday, Mr. Lin, the Chief Manager of I.J.K.A. Taiwan visited the camp and he also stayed and watched the training on Sunday.

Altogether we hat four great days in Switzerland, learned a lot and got lots of training material for the following months.

Pictures can be seen in the Gallery

Publication of non authorized material

Former students of Asai Sensei published material which was not authorized by I.J.K.A. This is not according to budo custom and etiquette. Please find an according statement of Mrs Asai here.

Sensei Bruno Koller in Neufahrn

On Saturday Oct 29th we could welcome our chief instructor for Europe Sensei Bruno Koller to a course in the Neufahrn dojo and it again was an exceptionnel karate day.

After a short warm up we began with kihon and quickly passed over to kumite training. The issue here was not special techniques or combinations, Bruno Sensei showed us in a very impressive manner the importance of accurate breathing and relaxed movements. Also the right mental approach is imporant for success.

Differenz blocks with arms and legs were trained and also here everything was made without the common force. We could discover, that success can be obtained with minimal power.

We finished trainig with Heian and Junro katas and afterwards had the chance to talk and discuss during an indian dinner.

8. DAN for Sensei Bruno Koller

On Tuesday, August 9th, 2011 our teacher Bruno Koller was awarded the 8th DAN by the chief instructor Chen Hontsung Sensei, 9th DAN. The ceremony was attended by Mrs Keiko Asai, president of I.J.K.A and other members of the instrcutor commitee including Chen Hsien-Kuei (Chen Sensei) and Kidokoro Toshiyuki Sensei.

With the award the merits of Bruno Sensei about spreading the karate of his teacher Asai Tetsuhiko, 10th DAN (1935 - 2006) worldwide and in Europe were appreciated. As I.J.K.A chief instructor for Europe he is still regularly teaching karate students on courses and in his dojo in Lucerne.

International Karate Tournament and Seminar in Taipei

The I.J.K.A invited to a karate event in Taipei/Taiwan with Trounament and Seminar at August 6th and 7th 2011.

We - Otto Riedinger, Michael Beck and Gerhard Schoenfelder - followed this inivitaion to represent SENBUKAI GERNAMY in Taiwan and we did not regret have done so.

The first surprise awaited us already at the airport in Taipei because we were not picked up by only somebody, but Toshiyuki Kidokoro Sensei, 6th DAN and member of the international instructor committee. After we were taken to our hotel we were shown the closer environment of the hotel and the gym in the center of Taipei and by an inivitation for dinner we got a first impression of taiwanese food and the "taiwanese conventions concerning beer drinking".

On friday evening the actual event started with a greeting party where all participants from Switzerland, France, Italy, China, Japan and other countries were presented personally by Mrs Keiko Asai, the president of I.J.K.A.

The international tournament was held on Saturday with all competitions in Kata and Kumite. We all were registered for both, kata and kumite, Michael at the "normal aldults", Otto and Gerhard at the "veterans aged over 40" therefore we had a lot to do. The technical level was very high and high-class karate and interesting fights could be seen. Gerhard reached the final in kumite but was beaten there by the italian Formenton. A break in the tournament was used for interesting presentations of Iaido, Aikido and a self defense demonstration by Kidokoro Sensei.

On Sunday study was announced, the seminar started in the morning. Chen Sensei started the training with Junro and Joko katas, the target was particularly the uniformity of techniques within the katas, which meanwhile hat a lot of different versions all over the world. After that, Shuseki Shihan Chen Hontsung took over the training. We already could experience his charisma at the greeting party and now we saw a part of his martial arts experience that goes back up to 70 years. He pointed out that to hit a target it is not necessary to use a crowbar, simple movements are sufficient.

This exceptionnel karate weekend passed by much too fast and after a sightseeing tour on Monday we had to say goodbye again. Besides a lot of fotos we took along a lot of new impressions and of course also plenty of new ideas for the karate training in future.

We were thrilled about the perfect organization of the event and overwhelmed by the infinite hospitality that was shown to us by our taiwanese friends. We like to say thank you again for everything and are looking forward to the next I.J.K.A event.

Pictures can be seen in the Gallery

NIDAN for Christian John

The last months were full of training for our president Christian John, basic techniques had to be practiced, katas brought to perfection, a lot of kumite was trained and besides that background knowledge about karate had to be learned for preparation for the next grade.

On saturday, Juni 4th he met the challenge of the DAN test for NIDAN under the examiners Chen Sensei, Koller Sensei and Riedinger Sensei with success.


Asai Karate Camp 2011 in Gams / Schweiz

June 2nd was the time for the Highlight of the year in Switzerland, the Asai Karate Camp. Like last year the instructors Chen Sensei, 7th DAN from Taiwan and Koller Sensei, 7th DAN from Switzerland showed and teached Karate at it's best.

The exercises and combinations of Chen Sensei trained our basic techniques and contain a lot of stuff for training in the following months. Junro katas and "normal" Shotokan Katas were also in the training program and we could experience the wide knowledge of Chen Sensei in Kata and their application.

An extra "goodie" were Bruno Sensei's kumite trainings containing not certain techniques but the basic approach and performance during kumite. A training like this is rarely found in courses and besides that, we could see that Bruno's legendary speed is still unachievable.

Pictures of the camp can be found in the gallery

Course with Bruno Koller, 23. Oct. 2010

On October 23th we invited Sensei Bruno Koller from Switzerland for a course in Neufahrn. Topic of the course was besides basics special Asai techniques, kumite and of course Kata.

In the morning we started with shotokan basics followed by special Asai techniques, particularly block techniques, which have to be performed soft and fluently in contrast to hard shotokan blocks. After an elementary training of these techniques we could test their effectiveness in Kihon Ippon / Jiyu Ippon Kumite.

In the afternoon, Bruno Sensei presented block techniques with the legs, also performed in a soft way. After that, Junro Shodan and Junro Godan were teached, followed by shotokan Katas like Bassai Dai and Empi. In this way Bruno Sensei left al lot of material for us to train in the future. During a collective dinner in a Greek restaurant in Neufahrn he told us a lot of stories happened during his stays in Japan.

Thank you very much to Bruno Sensei for a super training. We hope to say hello to Bruno Koller soon again for another excellent Karate Day.

Pictures can be seen in our Gallery

Asai Memorial Karate Camp 2010

The Asai Memorial Camp took place in Gams/Switzerland vom May 13 to May 16. Compared to the last years, the weather was cool and rainy but in the gym we had a Qi Gong and Karate course at its best. The everyday's training started with a one hour instruction of Qi Gong by Mrs Keiko Asai, after that the karate course was held by Chen Sensei from Honbu Dojo in Taiwan (7th DAN), Koller Sensei, the chief instructor of Europe from Switzerland (7th DAN) and Dormenko Sensei from Russia. Besides the normal Kihon and Kumite the main training topic was snapped techniqes, especially from the shoulder, which were teached be Chen Sensein in serveral exercises. Furthermore, Junro and Joko Katas were practiced. After the second training on sunday everyone had enough input for learning and excecising the next weeks and months. We had a lot of fun, learned a lot and have to thank the senseis for this big karate event. We hope to meet again next year at the Asai Memorial Camp 2011.

Picturs of the camp 2010 can be seen in the gallery

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