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Chief instructor Europe:

Bruno Koller, 9. DAN I.J.K.A, Switzerland (*1949 - 2018)

Bruno Koller Sensei was one of the closest students of Asai Shihan and is known as one of the best Karate teachers worldwide. He started with karate in 1970 and made his first of many travels to Japan in 1975 to get deeper knowledge of this martial art.
please find further information about him in his biography

Chief instructor Germany:

Otto Riedinger, 5. DAN I.J.K.A

Otto Sensei started at the age of 14 with taekwondo training and reentered martial arts studies after a break with Shotokan Karate. He first met Asai Shihan in the years 1996/1997 and was fascinated of his personality and deep understanding of Karate. Also from his teacher Bruno Koller Sensei he learned a lot about the heart of Budo. Otto Sensei also was a private studend of TaiChi with Master Zhang Ji Ming, who teached him Yang and Chen style of Tai Chi.

Technical Director

Gerhard Schoenfelder, 5. DAN I.J.K.A.

Gerhard is studying Karate since 1976 in DKV (German Karate Association), his first contact with Asai Karate was in 2001. Since then he is fascinated by the kind of karate Asai Sensei teached and visited all his courses to get more of his knowledge about Karate and Budo. Besides Karate he's also training Ju-Jutsu, Kyusho Jitsu and Batto Jutsu.


Michael Beck, 3. DAN I.J.K.A

Michael Beck started practising karate in 1993 in a sports group in Melnachthon School and soon joined Karate-Sport-Club Nuremberg e.V. His first experience with Asai Karate was on a course with Bruno Koller Sensei in Nuremberg in 2006 and he was fascinated in the kind of karate Asai Sensei practised and Koller Sensei persued. The result were frequent visits to Asai Memorial Camp in Lucerne/Switzerland and Gams/Switzerland. Michael is practising karate frequently in Karate-Sport-Club Nuremberg, Kenshokan and VFL Nuremberg and of course in the SENBUKAI trainings as well.

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